The Copper Charger Plate
The Copper Charger Plate
The Copper Charger Plate
The Copper Charger Plate

The Copper Charger Plate

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Handcrafted and beautifully decorative, this copper charger plate brings more focus and purpose to energy healing.

Make a focused start to every healing session with Intention Setting (described below) using this attractive and powerful Copper Charger Plate.

Invest In Yourself and Your Clients.

Intention Setting is a way of providing direction and focus right from the start of healing sessions. 

During Intention Setting, clients should be asked to place an object of personal significance on the Cho Ku Rei symbol in the center of the copper plate. Cho Ku Rei is but one of many Japanese light symbols, this one being the universal power switch for Reiki.

It is a service that clients will happily pay a little extra for, giving practitioners the chance to generate a useful and steady income from healing sessions, so much so that, with regular usage in Intention Setting, the copper charger plate will soon pay for itself! 

When not in use, because this copper charger plate is so highly decorative, it makes for a stunning addition to any home display.

The Healing Significance Of Copper
Copper carries the receptive energies of the Earth, teaching us to walk in balance with nature. As a conductor of energy, when used with crystals it intensifies, enhances and channels their properties. It also conducts energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind. 

Copper is also thought to assist the body with repairing tissues, oxygenating the blood, easing arthritis, strengthening the female reproductive system and increasing vitality.

Copper is known as the lucky metal, as well as the healing metal. Any stone with copper in or around it, is said to have enhanced properties. It even boosts the energy of silver and gold and is helpful for balance, communication, and synchronicity.

Copper is a great conductor of energy and is useful for all types of spiritual purposes. Many use copper to balance the Chakras and Meridians. Powerful wands can be fashioned using crystals and copper tubing or wire. Connecting with the crystals, copper can smoothly transmit its energy to the holder. In healing, copper works to bring higher vibration into every cell to enhance optimal functioning, serving as a reminder of the original state of perfection.