Gold Plated Reiki Magnets
Gold Plated Reiki Magnets

Gold Plated Reiki Magnets

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If you’ve ever tried making your own magnetized water jars, you’ll know how confusing things can get. Which end of the magnet is north? How can I make the magnets stick to the jar?

The XCI Magnetic Water Jar takes the hassle out of magnetizing water.

What You Get

6 gold plated medical grade N52 strength magnets with the Reiki universal power switch symbol engraved on the south poles and one gallon-sized vessel.

Why Water Is Vital

Our bodies are over 70% water. So it follows that it’s a pretty vital element to maintain health and well-being.

However, the water most of us drink, whether it’s from a tap, bottle or through a purifier, does not meet the body’s requirements.

That’s because nearly all water is polluted in some way, even if it appears fresh and clean. This pollution alters the order of the water’s molecules, leaving it with fewer nutrients our bodies can use. It is, in effect, dead water. 

What’s The Difference With Magnetized Water?

When water is magnetized, it becomes wetter and its molecules line up in a + - + - order. This boosts its oxygen content and allows it to further penetrate our bodies, leading to better assimilation of vitamins and nutrients in the cells. It’s why magnetic water is said to be alive. Even purifying water cannot organize the molecules so effectively as magnetizing.

The Benefits Of Magnetized Water

We have listed just a few of the reported benefits of drinking magnetic water:


SKIN CLEANSING to help with acne, boils, burns and other skin conditions

ACID REDUCTION by helping regulate your body's pH level

RELIEVES EYE IRRITATION when eyes are rinsed twice a day

THERAPEUTIC EFFECT on the nervous system and urinary system

HELPS WITH WEIGHT LOSS by burning excessive fatty tissue

HELPS UNCLOG ARTERIES by dissolving cholesterol and salt deposits


REDUCES TIREDNESS, especially when consumed during that early afternoon dip in energy

Using Magnetized Water

Of course, you don’t have to drink magnetic water neat. The water you magnetize using the XCI gold plated Reiki magnets can be used for tea or coffee. And you can use the magnets to magnetize juices as well as other water-based products such as lotions and oils.

Start magnetizing your water the easy way with the XCI Gold Plated Reiki Magnetic Water Jar.




PLEASE NOTE: All XCI and Energy Friends information and products are not intended or implied to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.