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The jewelry displayed here is currently one of a kind. It was designed by Coyote Black at Mantis Piercing, one of Pennsylvania’s premier jewelry designers, piercers, and fine jewelry consultants. Then refined and built by the amazing jewelers at Body Vision Los Angeles.

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The piece shown is the Cho Ku Rei symbol, made in 18k gold alloyed with palladium. The Cho Ku Rei symbol will identify you as a Lightworker to others of similar interests, serve as a reminder that you make a difference because you undertand and pratice Reiki Principles, and will help with keeping your channels open to possibilities when standing in light and energy.

This jewelry is handmade in the United States. The gems are set and polished by hand and everything is guaranteed for life.


Mantis Piercing is currently offering these designs, a multitude of other pieces, and also the opportunity to create your very own piece from scratch. Contact us, or Mantis Piercing directly for any inquiries.

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